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Category 3 Water Damage

4/16/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Category 3 Water Damage Category 3 Water Loss

Since no two category 3 water losses are the same, it is important to understand the category of your loss so the clean-up process can be tailored to your environment.
Category 3 water losses involve water that is grossly contaminated and can contain pathogenic, toxigenic, or other harmful agents. Such water may carry silt, organic matter, pesticides, heavy metals, regulated materials, or toxic organic substances.
Examples include, but are not limited to: sewage, toilet backflows that originate from beyond the toilet trap regardless of visible content or color, all forms of flooding from seawater, ground surface water and rising water from rivers or streams, and other contaminated water entering or affecting the indoor environment such as wind-driven rain from hurricanes, tropical storms, or other weather-related events.
If you are unsure what your loss is, call us to come and inspect. 310-456-2135

Mitigating Water Damage

4/16/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage  Mitigating Water Damage To Mitigate or Remediate?

Mitigation is often confused with restoration but they are truly not the same thing.
Water mitigation stops the water from spreading. In other words, help in reducing the cause of water issue to prevent any further damage.
Remediation is taking action to reduce, isolate, and remove all contamination from an environment by preventing further reproduction and spreading of contaminant. Simply stated, remediation is the process of clean up and disinfection.
Important steps to mitigate water damage:
• Remove rugs and unattached floor coverings
• Lift or remove furniture to prevent further damage
• Open drawers, closets, and cabinets to enhance drying if items inside were affected
• If available start extraction by using a wet vac or other machines able to extract water
• Place air movers and Dehumidifiers as soon as possible if you have them, If not give us a call.

Commercial Roof Leak

4/4/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Roof Leak Commercial Roof Leak

A leaking roof at your business can create a lot of damage quickly and, if neglected, can compromise the building's structure. When roof failures happen, we are there to help. It is important to act quickly so secondary damages do not occur. 

Roofs most often reach the point of failure when one or more of these conditions occur:

AGING ROOF - When roofs are old and not maintained, leaks can occur within the property and the severity of these leaks will increase over time.

SATURATED ROOFING - As a result of an aging roof, accumulated water isn’t dispensed properly and gets trapped in and under the roof and leads to saturated and ruined materials.

HIGH WIND DAMAGE -We have all experienced the Santa Ana winds. When they are high your roof is susceptible to partial or entire removal.

Always maintain your property and have your roof checked a few times a year.

Rain Overflowing Your Swimming Pool

3/22/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Rain Overflowing Your Swimming Pool Pool overflowing from rain

It seems that Mother Nature has certainly been giving us some much needed rain this last week. We have been inundated by torrential storms, with several inches of rain within a few hours. Make sure your pool does not overflow as the damage could be exponential. Here is some great advice we got from a pool guy.
Lower the water level in your pool to keep proper skimming action, and to avoid contamination from planters and deck area flooding. For most pools with a sand or DE filter, the simplest way to lower the water level is to place the multiport valve onto the waste position and roll out the backwash hose. If you have a slide(push-pull) valve, backwash the filter to lower the water level. Some pools have a hose spigot plumbed after the pump, or on the filter valve, which you can connect a garden hose, to lower water level. Or, you can use a submersible pump, aka pool cover pump, to keep the pool from overflowing. Finally, there is the siphon method. A pool vacuum hose works best. Prime the hose in the pool, to fill it full of water, and attach a vacuum head or use a heavy item to hold the hose on the first or second step, the pool ladder, or swim out. Cap the other end of the hose with your palm and quickly pull the hose away from the pool and a few feet below the level of the pool water. Uncap the hose at ground level and let it flow!

Playing in the Rain

3/21/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Playing in the Rain A little water never hurt...

Spring 2018 has most definitely been a really wet one that is affecting outdoor sports. Chances are wherever you live the weather is probably subject to change at a moment's notice. Squalls, tornadoes, or electrical storms can occur with little warning. If your child is playing or practicing in less than ideal weather conditions, you need to be aware of the possible hazards and have a plan worked out ahead of time to avoid the kind of potentially dangerous situation that can develop.
Make sure that your child's team or club establish and enforce the policy to follow at every practice and game in the event of rain, thunder or lightning storms.
It is important to remember that rain and lightning are not the only weather hazards Heat on a sunny day can cause illness so make sure the heat index is not too high.
If the club or league won’t set a policy, you can always suggest to the coach at the first team meeting to put a plan in place to protect the kids. You not only need to educate your son's or daughter's coach, club and league, but your own kids as well.

Management Companies and Mold

3/7/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Management Companies and Mold Tha's not wallpaper!

What would you do if you came home to your vacation rental and saw this on the walls? Would you think someone came and put up wallpaper? Would you think someone broke in and colored on your walls? 

When our client walked into their house and saw  mold all over the walls, floors, and furniture , they were frozen with shock. 

A pipe had burst in their home sometime in the last 2 months and because they did not have a management company looking after it, there was no way to determine when it had happened. 

The damage was so extensive that most of their home needed to be gutted, dried and remediated. Most of the affected furniture was a total loss.  

They had learned the hard way why management companies were so important. 

Oh Moldy, Moldy, Moldy

3/5/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Oh Moldy, Moldy, Moldy And so it grows...

When people hear they have mold in their home or work space, it usually is followed by fear. Not all mold is harmful and believe it or not we live with mold every day. Some are even beneficial.
Here are some things you might not already know about mold:
Mold can be found almost everywhere; they can grow on virtually any substance, providing moisture is present. There are molds that can grow on wood, paper, carpet, clothing, foods, and even in places you can't see, such as the backside of drywall, areas inside walls around leaking or condensing pipes, and above ceiling tiles.
You cannot completely eliminate mold spores in your home, but you can help prevent mold growth by controlling moisture or controlling humidity, keeping areas free of excess moisture, etc.
The mold that we typically see is not the kind you want hanging out at your home or business. If you suspect mold you can always call us 310-456-2135

Flash Floods Information

3/1/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flash Floods Information Flash Flood Damage

One of the greatest places to live is in Southern California! The weather is great throughout the year and people come from all over to enjoy the climate. However, even the best climates have Mother Nature to contend with. Fast and furious storms have been known to hit Southern California causing flash floods.
Here are some flood facts from SERVPRO corporate:
Flash floods can bring walls of water 10 to 20 feet high.
Flooding can be caused by spring thawing (snow and frozen grounds melting in the spring), heavy rains, snow melt runoffs, flash floods, and mudflows.
Floods are the most widespread natural disaster aside from wildfires.
In preparation for a flood, it is important to stock up on first aid items, non-perishable foods, gallons of water, battery-operated electronics, extra batteries, and personal hygiene necessities.

Who to Call When Fire Damages Occur

2/27/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Who to Call When Fire Damages Occur Fire Damage

No one ever plans for fire damage to affect their home or business, but if you were to ever experience one, SERVPRO of Malibu/Topanga Canyon/ Pacific Palisades should be your first call for mitigation and remediation. Having a fire in your home is a life-altering event and your property will be restored Like it never even happened, back to the way it was prior to the fire.
When a fire occurs at your house or commercial property, it is important to take action to reduce secondary damages left behind by the fire itself and the efforts of the fire department. We value your home as if it were our own because we understand the devastation that our clients are going through. It is overwhelming to know where to begin so don’t wait, call us to help guide you through the process.

How to Help Someone Affected by A Fire

2/21/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How to Help Someone Affected by A Fire A Family Home Affected by Fire

If you have friends who lost their home in the recent California wildfires or one of the other areas affected by wildfires, you may be longing to do something to help them. Here are a few suggestions...

1. You can call, text or email them with your love and support. Keep it simple: Let them know you are there for them and love them. 

2. Listen to them. Everyone is going to have a unique response to this horror. They need to feel heard.

3. Send a check. This is one of the most helpful suggestions as they will be spending money every which way, and insurance can take a while to process.

4. Send a gift certificate for a restaurant, bookstore or even the movies. 

5.Give clothes or home items in good condition. Don't send stained, unusable contents. 

6. Make a meal or bring groceries. They are probably mentally and physically exhausted.

7. Focus on the children. Take them off of their parent's hands for a while and remind them how to have fun.