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We Got Your Back

Imagine you just finished construction on a remodel in your home and you are about to move back in...But, when you get there with the moving trucks you find wat... READ MORE

No Coverage, No Problem

We got a call from Farmers Ins asking us to go inspect a property that had a leak in their pantry. The plumber was out there at that moment so we could kno... READ MORE

Slow Leak Causes Mold

This kitchen sink had a slow leak and the owners were not aware of it until they noticed their wood floor cupping. The insurance agent of the insured called us ... READ MORE

Waiting Room Water Damage

This waiting room was grossly affected when the upstairs unit had a water supply line break over a long weekend. The ceiling caved in, the carpet was saturated,... READ MORE

Getting Remediation Ready

There are a lot of factors that need to happen prior to completing a mold remediation job. Putting containments up might be the most important part of... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Pacific Palisades

Storm Damage in Pacific Palisades is what caused damage to this home in Pacific Palisades, CA. The storms were so fierce that the winds were blowing the ra... READ MORE

Mold Damage in Topanga, CA

The walls in this apartment were removed to remediate cavities where the water damage occurred and because it was not detected for a while, mold grew. We p... READ MORE

Fire Clean up in the Kitchen

Having a fire in your home that could have been prevented is something we see a lot of. Here are some fire saftey tips to help you avoid this unnecess... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Clean Up in Van Nuys CA

Did you know that cooking fires are the most common causes of home fires and home fire injuries? Pans left unattended while hot on the stove are the m... READ MORE

From a Leak to a Fire

This commercial property suffered a leak from a fish tank which resulted in an electrical short which then caused a fire. They used the fire extinguisher to put... READ MORE