Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Undetected water damage leads to mold damage

Sprinkler system shared the wall with the shower/tub area of the restroom. Due to a crack in the stucco, water traveled behind the shower down to the tub. The w... READ MORE

Water damage can happen anywhere

Water damage in your garage may be hard to notice until everything is affected. This project we completed was a great example of a full demo.  

Dining Room Water Damage

Southern California has been hit hard with rains and the roofs of Los Angeles are one of the direct targets of damage. A roof leak is not a something you shou... READ MORE

Flooded Laundry Room

This laundry room was flooded by a broken supply line in the wall. The extent of the damage was two inches of standing water and walls bubbling. We responded w... READ MORE

Water Damage in Malibu

Water damage in Malibu. Fire sprinkler malfunction caused a water damage to 3 level house. Servro had to remove affected drywall, ceiling and floors. Kitchen ... READ MORE

Northridge Water Damage Repair from Dishwasher to Toilet

There is nothing worse than coming home from a long day of work and seeing your kitchen filled with bubbles. What looked like a scene out of a comedy movie quic... READ MORE

Water Damage Restoration Malibu

Water Damage Restoration in Malibu, or anywhere really, is never fun. This home had a pipe burst upstairs from this bathroom while the owners were out of town. ... READ MORE

Mud slide water damage Simi Valley

Mud slide water damage Simi Valley

Mud Water Damage in Simi Valley

Mud Water Damage in Simi Valley

Water damage in Malibu

Got an Emergency Service Call at 6pm on a Sunday evening from a stressed out homeowner screaming that her basement was flooded. We immediately dispatched our cr... READ MORE

Residential Water Damage in Malibu

These photos represent a weekend residence in Malibu. Customer was flooded by toilet overflow unaware of the loss for days. There was water and visible mold. Wo... READ MORE

Broken Pipe Water Damage

Water damage caused by broken pipe in bathroom, affecting wood floors in bedroom and hallway. Contents of the room packed and wood floor removed. In place wall ... READ MORE

Toilet Overflow Water Damage in Malibu

Toilet overflow water damage in Malibu, drywall removed, toilet removed, floor fixed.

Pacific Palisades

This wood floor damage was caused by broken pipe and luckily the water was contained to a small area of this room and only half of the hallway. SERVPRO of Malib... READ MORE