Commercial Photo Gallery

tech working on the wall

Did someone say Demo?

Demo work at a local 5 star hotel in Malibu CA, wearing full PPE to protect ourselves and others. 

Kid's learning center

A Children's Learning Center in Topanga CA

Our SERVPRO technicians went above and beyond to dry out this Children's Learning Center in Topanga CA. 

When it all goes wrong!

What started as a fish tank leak ended with all new floors for this commercial property in Sherman Oaks. It was guessed that the tank had been leaking for 3 months. 

Kids Really Shouldn't be Left Alone

This commercial business is experiencing a sink overflow because a parent left their child unattended in their restroom causing not only a major headache but hundreds of dollars of damage. Parents, don't leave your kids alone in public restrooms.

Get Your Business Back Fast

In the event of a storm, know your business property. Treat and maintain trees that can blow over. Protect windows from flying debris by walking the grounds and moving objects inside that could become projectiles in high winds, and anchor any equipment stored outside that could be moved by high winds.

School Auditorium Water Damage

The schools' auditoriums sprinkler system went off and the place flooded within 5 minutes. We were able to extract the water and place some drying fans and dehumidifiers to dry it. 

Commercial clean up in Malibu

Got the call for a huge commercial water loss in malibu at 1:00 am and we rushed there, extracted over 200 gallons of water and placed the necessary equipment to dry it out.

Commercial Water Damage in Brentwood, CA

Commercial water loss is not easy for businesses to digest. Especially when it is a restroom and affects all of the tenants. We can get you up and going fast! (No pun intended. :) )