Water Damage Photo Gallery

back yard

Beautiful day in Malibu CA

Such a beautiful day for water mitigation. 

SERVPRO Malibu perform services with a great view of the beach. 

Let us take care of the water damage, so you don't have to. 

water on the floor

Brentwood CA, Standing water is no problem with us!

Standing water in basement caused by kitchen sink. 


Moisture readings

Had some water damage recently? 

Everything may seem dry but once we perform our inspection and take moisture readings, we can show you the affected areas. 

Call us today to schedule an inspection! 


In place wood floor drying

We use this procedure to help save the wood targeting the affected area and remove all the moisture. This method is called tenting. 


Brentwood CA

Our SERVPRO technicians arrived in Brentwood CA for a water loss.They placed drying equipment and containment barriers to protect the flooring and non-affected items. 

Water in the Wall

If you suspect that you had a leak but can not see any visible damage, you should still have the areas looked at by a professional. Leaving you walls wet will cause more damage so call us if you have any questions. 

SERVPRO of Malibu 3104562135

A Wet Reading on Drywall in Malibu, CA

In the water damage profession, there are a lot of different types of equipment you can use to determine how high or low the moisture levels are in different types of materials. 

Water Damage in Pacific Palisades CA

With all these rains it is important to have your roof checked out when the weather is nice. Be proactive so the rains don't damage your home or contents inside.  

Flood Clean Up in 90049

Water damage in 90049 is a common occurrence these days with all the storms we are having in Southern California. When in doubt call the experts to come and estimate the damage. 

Toilet overflow in Pacific Palisades, CA

If your toilet overflows when the bowl is clogged there are a few things you can do to minimize the problem and save some water. You can't just lower the water level in the tank; you need to displace some of the water in the tank instead while still maintaining the height of the water level at the mark on the back wall of the tank. 

Water Damage in 90049

On a cold winter night, this home owner's pipe burst, spewing water all over the garage and ruining the drywall. His insurance policy had a water damage clause that covered damage due to burst pipes, so he filed a claim and had his insurance company reimburse him for the cost of repairing the garage.

We're gonna need a bigger boat!!!

Yikes, That's a lot of standing water in this basement. Jaws couldn't be seen but the water was dark so he could have been lurking somewhere in the deep, dark basement.

More Mats, Faster Drying of Wood Floors

We've added more equipment to our already impressive inventory. These rescue mats makes it easier for us to dry hard wood floors fast.  With the power of a high-pressure blower, the mat vacuums water vapor right through the surface of the floor. Pretty cool!