Storm Damage Photo Gallery

When the Caulk Goes Bad

When trim is put on, it is common practice to caulk around and seal any gaps between the moulding and siding. After time and weather take their toll, some of this caulking begins to break away from the siding and can form a small crack where water can seep in. Always check your caulk.

Storms Reeking Havoc in Los Angeles, CA

These storms in Los Angeles, CA are reeking havoc on commercial businesses as well as homes.  These waters can contain harmful bacteria depending on the source of damage and cleaning it yourself can lead to more damage and potential health risks. Always call us first.  

What Not to do in a Storm

We at SERVPRO of Malibu understand the excitement of a storm here in Los Angeles. However, it really isn't the best idea to leave your sliding glass doors open so you can see the storm better. It can really mess up your floors! 

Storm at the Oy Vey Cafe.

Oy Vey, they say! Not another storm. This cafe had a car drive through the front door when they tried to avoid flooded area. It was boarded up and covered in plastic so they could resume serving hot soup.

Fun After the Storm

SERVPRO of Malibu enjoys a little bit of fun after a storm. There is nothing better than watching a young child play in the water and mud after the rains.

Storm Generator

This generator was used for a commercial building after their power was lost due to a storm. It made it easier for clean up as well as well as the offices continuing their day's work.