Fire Damage Photo Gallery

shower with soot

House fire in Malibu Ca

SERVPRO Malibu is onsite assisting this family with there home after a house fire. We are certified in fire, soot, and smoke damage.  

a guy standing in white PPE

Fire Loss in Santa Monica CA,

This kitchen fire loss in Santa Monica needed demolition of the whole kitchen area. We restored the kitchen to preloss condition. Regardless of how small or big the fire is give us a call for an inspection, the soot and odor traveled through out the whole residence. SERVPRO Malibu deodorized and cleaned the residence for a safe environment for the family affected.  

Talking to kids about Fire Saftey

It is very important to have a  fire evacuation plan for your home and business. We offer Emergency Ready Plans for you free of charge. Call us to schedule yours.  

Firemen are our Friends

Firemen are our friends and the best source of information for our communities. They work hard to protect us so stop by your   local fire station  and let them know how much you appreciate all they do. 

A Fire Bringing the Community Together

Nothing is scarier when you see your neighbors house on fire and not knowing if they are inside. This amazing community came together to get the family out safe and provide a sense of calm to this devastating disaster.  

Fire in Malibu

This horrid fire picture was the aftermath of a fire caused by faulty wiring in a garage in Malibu. There was no saving this structure and it had to be rebuilt. 

Trying it on for size

First thing is first, Make sure all of your equipment is in good working order prior to walking into a loss. Nothing is worse than not being able to breathe after walking into a fire zone.

Helping our Community

Working with other SERVPRO franchises to help our community. Thank you to the LAFD for working fast and saving thousands of homes. Another big thank you to the Red Cross for setting shelters up and providing a safe place for our residents and their furry friends to go.

After a fire near your home, pick up one of these to return safely.

With all of the wild fires breaking out in California, SERVPRO of Malibu is putting together kits that will allow you to return safely. Call us to pick up your free kit today. 

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